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This is Deirdre's Breast Cancer Diary. I try to update this blog at least every evening. This is an easy way for me to keep a journal of the experience, and at the same time, I can keep my friends and family up-to-date on what is going on. I find it is not so bad to have cancer, but it is awfully depressing to talk about it. I hope you laugh as you read along. You can find the beginning in February the archives. Thanks again for reading :o)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another PET Scan Today

I just got back from another PET Scan. I asked for a copy of the scan and they gave me a disk! Awesome! Luckily, the disk came with a viewer so I could read the images on my pc... Lot of good that does me, though. I have no idea what the results of my scan were. LOL. The report is the thing I need. Although, it is quite fun to go through the images real's like what you see on Discovery Channel...slices of my slice at a time....very cool.


  • At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thought of you today.

    Cassidy made it to the Livermore Idol top 20 semi-finals last Sat. The entry age range was from 11-17, so, we're pretty proud of her. She sang "Ain't Got You" Alicia Keys.

    Hope you're doing well. Keep in touch. - Lynn


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