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This is Deirdre's Breast Cancer Diary. I try to update this blog at least every evening. This is an easy way for me to keep a journal of the experience, and at the same time, I can keep my friends and family up-to-date on what is going on. I find it is not so bad to have cancer, but it is awfully depressing to talk about it. I hope you laugh as you read along. You can find the beginning in February the archives. Thanks again for reading :o)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday Whine

I am now experiencing what Kathleen told me about muscle and bone pain. It feels like I need to kick. There are aches and pains...pretty strange
It started in my feet and then traveled up to my knees and now in my hips, too. I took some Vicodin for it. Not sure if the Vicodin is going to squelch it.
I am also taking my Compazine for nausea. I was not expecting to have to take the Compazine so soon. With the previous chemotherapy drugs, the antinauseant (Aloxi) was in effect for 4 to 5 days. I don't get that drug in my IV anymore. Waaaaaaaaa!
I wish there was a family get-together this weekend. Family has become so much more important these days. Seems like no one is having a Memorial Day party. (not even us) For the last few years Mark and I have gone down to Golden Gate National Cemetery. My parents share a plot there under a nice tree in a beautiful meadow under the glorious United States Flag. The Cemetery hosts a wonderful Memorial Day Celebration complete with Pearl Harbor survivors as colorguards. But I am not feeling well enough to venture that far for an event where I will need to sit still or to walk very far. I don't want to test my body that far from home.
Shortly before Mom died, I remember her always wanting to get together, to go see family on holidays, birthday parties, etc. Now I understand better.


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